How Landscaping Could Increase Home Value

How Landscaping Could Increase Home Value

The team love Landscaping our gardens here at RG Driveways in Birmingham, West Midlands, and you could too – in fact, did you know that you could increase your Home value by 77% according to a new study from Post Office Money.

Doing up your Garden could add more value to your home than a new Kitchen, conservatory or even an extension. So, the next time you want to add value to your home, consider outdoor improvements. For example, planting new flower beds, adding decking, laying down a patio or some new water features – all this can make your home into a dream home.

It usually costs for garden landscaping approximately £2,750 to the Homeowner, compared to an extension which could cost up to £80,000 – or more, if you choose a basement conversion.

Increased Home Value

Over the past few years, house price growth has slowed, so homeowners have turned to other options to add value to their homes – with improvements being a clear opportunity. Making the right changes to your home can increase its market value significantly – with garden landscaping coming out on top for the most value.

However, home improvements are not all about making changes which add value for re-sale; 63 per cent of the homeowners we polled had no plans to move. Renovations allow homeowners to create homes that reflect their needs and tastes, with the potential added benefit of adding value in the long term.

Here at RG Driveways, we found out that 18% of people landscaped their gardens in the past 5-years, while some 28% did say that it increased the home value of their property, and another 59% wanted to boost the appearance of their garden, so they make it into a more relaxing place to sit and enjoy the scenery of the outdoors.

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