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Our Bespoke Patios Services

Patios are a great space to entertain your guests or dine outside on those warm summer evenings. It’s a fantastic place to show off to your friends if you have your own bespoke patio in your garden. RG Contractors’ ‘Patios Services’ have been creating patios for our customers since 2007 and are experts in making durable yet aesthetically appealing designs.

It all depends on our customers and what their requirements might be, as we can create anything from a more child friendly patio so they have a great place to play on their scooters or something fancier for adults to have a place to escape to and drink a nice glass of red wine at the end of the evening.

While we recommend certain patio types below, these versatile outdoor spaces have limitless possibility, give us a call as we can discuss what would work best for you and your home!

Our Bespoke Patios Services

With natural stones patios you can achieve that casual, free-form design allows you to relax and be creative rather than worrying about precise cutting and fitting. Natural stone has been a popular choice for paving for a long time and one of the most popular styles was concrete copies of those old, worn natural stone flags.

Porcelain provides everything you could want from an outdoor tile. Durable, low-maintenance and aesthetically stunning, porcelain paving ticks all the boxes while offering a variety of suitable perks, from its stain resistance to its textured grip and perhaps most importantly is its resistance to a number of weather conditions.

The resilience and design versatility means that concrete is a brilliant paving option to select for patios. A concrete patio has numerous benefits when compared to decking and other patio surface options such as, high durability, low-maintenance, adaptability to any style and can be poured into any shape and complemented with gravel.

We pride ourselves on making incredible spaces. We deliver quality workmanship and ensure those finishing touches such as location and material suit your lifestyle, home and environment.

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