Your Garden is Important

In this article we’re going grass roots, looking at different types of landscaping and asking the most important question: “Why your garden is Important?”

Landscaping is all about function, and most of the land in the UK has been landscaped for some degree or other, either to maximise productivity or provide leisure facilities.

Your Garden is Important… Because it makes outside space easier manage

Your Garden is important in creating a space that makes you feel good

Landscaping is designed to help make sure your garden is important for outside spaces to manage. For example, town centres, parks and public spaces are not just about the beauty or neatness, landscaping can have a deep psychological effect on people.

Landscaping in any space can encourage or discourage different types of behaviour. For instance, a landscaped and well planted high street tends to discourage antisocial behaviour and encourage more consumer spending. Well positioned paths mean that gardeners can maintain public spaces, showcase different features and avoid having grassed areas churned up by feet.

Landscaping affects every aspect of Human Life

From a hospital courtyard where you can retreat to when the stress kicks in to places where you can walk the dog, enjoy a coffee or just get from the car park to the office without being plastered in mud.

Why is gardening important for Wellbeing?
Why is it important for Wellbeing?

Wellbeing seems to be the big buzz word at the moment with regards of the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s that intangible something that makes you feel contented, stress free and healthy. Where is it found? That’s different for everyone of course.  However, our team here in Warwickshire are pretty sure that outdoors, surrounded by plants is a good place to nurture wellbeing.


‘Your Garden is important in creating a space that makes you feel good.’ You can be soothed by a garden, or you can be uplifted. The best gardens achieve both of those things and more.

Updates on COVID-19 and the Landscaping Industry

As the global concern over the COVID-19 pandemic grows, landscaping companies, such as RG Contractors should prepare for how to handle a possible outbreak in their area and urge employees who are sick with the disease to stay at home.


We are continually updating their clients on what the coronavirus will mean for our business, plus policies are changing by the moment. Follow our ‘corona coaster’ with our rolling updates here: