Why some people are still working from home

Working from Home

It’s been 5 months since the start of Lockdown in March when workers across the West Midlands packed their office supplies and set up their home office stations at home. Working from Home became the new normal as we got used to staying indoors throughout the whole pandemic.

From the 1st August 2020, employers in England and the West Midlands can allow to bring their staff back into the office at their own discretion when they feel safe and secure. However, some workers are continuing to work in their home offices part time.


So, why are so many office workers choosing to keep working from home?

Saving money by working from home

For many people, commuting to work can be costly and the earnings from work can disappear from your bank account in an instant, working at home however, is like getting a pay rise without actually getting a pay rise.

Spending more time with Family

Working from home means you’re under the same roof as family members instead of your colleagues, which can be either a bad thing or a good thing – in most cases, it’s been a wonderful thing! Bringing families closer together.

Working at the office can be taunting, which can make it difficult to concentrate or finding inspiration in the office, but working at home can have its benefits such as having less financial stress from money worries.  

working from home in a Home Offices in the West Midlands