UK Lockdown: Landscaping & Garden ideas

In these strange times, RG Driveways-Birmingham have put together some Landscaping and garden design ideas whilst we’re currently in a UK Lockdown. Hopefully, while we’re all stuck at home, we will find ways to enjoy a new hobby, watch an entire movie franchise and even decorate the garden to make your home perfect.

UK Lockdown? Don’t let it bring you down

The whole crisis shouldn’t keep you away from your garden, it’s quite the opposite really, the UK Lockdown is great opportunity to walk into your garden and think: “Right, where shall I start!”.

However, there will be a few changes to your garden routine such as,

  • Practice Social Distancing when Gardening
  • Garden without leaving the property area – such as don’t go to the shops and pick up supplies.
  • Think of it as a meditation garden to boost trust in the future – and of course, yourself.

What can I do in the garden?

Right then, the suns out during this lovely spring, you’re in your comfy old gardening clothes ready to get dirty, the soil is still wet because of the rains we’ve had a few weeks ago, come on, it’s time to make the most of the time you have during the UK Lockdown.

  • Weeds and Weeding:

Today is perfect to start pulling those bloody weeds from the grass, here’s the best way to pull them:

Soft and moist soil makes it easier to pull them out easier.

Manual weeding is the best choice since it avoids using any kind of chemical and herbicides.

  • Renovating the lawn:

Spring is the best season to freshen up and re-seed your lawn, once you’ve pulled out every weed of course.


  • Trimming the bush

There’s still time to catch up on pruning and trimming your roses bush, if you haven’t had the opportunity yet. Also, did you know that shrubs that have finished their winter blooming can also be pruned now. And, of course, there many types of hedges that can still be pruned and trimmed these days.

The Garden Checklist

Here at RG Driveways-Birmingham, we recommend that you go through monthly garden tasks. There is for sure a few things you can do in your garden to get a head start on March, April and May.



Let’s face it, spring can still be unpredictable and the rainy days or weeks could arrive. Houseplants can benefit from proper repotting. It’s also time to prune some of the winter growth off them, such as, Ficus Ginseng.


If you see your leaf plants sagging and getting brown leaf tips, they’re lacking humidity in the air. For Example,

  • Set up a simple saucer with hydroton clay pebbles to increase it.
  • Much better to keep the clay wet with daily attention, than to risk overwatering your plants!

Children in Lockdown

The UK Lockdown is an excellent opportunity to involve your children in the garden, not just for having fun and spending time together as a family. It’s also very healthy and a way to build up immunity and teach kids how wonderful nature is, maybe even teach them a few things about gardening.

If you’re looking for fun gardening to keep kids busy during the virus quarantine, a few of your houseplants might do the trick:

  • propagate your ZZ plant – each leaf can become a whole new plant! With a dozen or more per stem, you can easily divide the leaves among many children for them to plant in a tray of soil or egg carton under their name. Plus, it’s also called “emerald gem “, so that makes for a fun treasure to plant.
  • Same thing with Dracaena marginata– all this plant needs is either chopping up and burying in a tray, or beheading (the plant, not the kids). Propping up in a glass of water. Guess what the name of this plant is? “Dragon plant“ is that perfect, or what?