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Do have a tree are some foliage in your garden that you think it’s perhaps time to be getting rid of? Maybe your hedge is over grown or a tree is blocking the sunlight from entering your garden. Here at RG Contractors have the very best specialist tree surgeons who can offer you solutions to these problems. We have been handling tree survey requests since 2007, so it is safe to say that we know what we are doing.

We are aware that our customers all have their own needs and requirements, so we are more than happy to discuss the job that you need attending to, which will help us to deliver the exact outcome that you require.

We deal with all kinds of tree surgery jobs but among our most popular are:

tree felling

It is often the case in our gardens that there is a tree that is unwanted because it may be situated in the wrong place and might be blocking the sun on those nice summer days that you want to be enjoying. Tree felling is commonly performed with a chainsaw. We preform this procedure in the safest way possible and pinpoint the exact direction in which the tree can fall safely.

crown reduction service

To reduce the overall volume and visible size of a tree’s crown, while maintaining the natural balance and shape – ensuring that it still looks like a tree. It may be that you would like to keep your tree but you need more light in your garden, or you feel uncomfortable with the tree’s size given its proximity to your property. Sometimes a tree with a potentially hazardous decay or cavity may be spared removal by reducing its crown volume, and thus greatly reducing its susceptibility to high winds.

crown lifting service

This procedure is when we remove the lowest branches of a tree, giving more clearance underneath. This method can be useful and an inexpensive technique when you are trying to create more natural light underneath garden trees.

crown thinning services

This course of action leaves the general size of the tree as it is, but takes out certain branches inside the crown. The branches that are removed are often those that are lifeless, cracked or in some way imperfect. Coupled with increased airflow within the crown this is a great way to make sure your tree stay in good health, while also increasing the light passing through to the ground below. Crown thinning decreases the ‘cluttered’ look of an excessively dense crown.

stump grinding

Once a tree has been cut to the ground level a portion of the tree remains in the ground, which is referred to as ‘the stump’. It is often deemed necessary to remove the stump; for instance if the tree was situated on a grassed lawn area, or if replanting was a requirement of the tree’s removal, stump removal would be necessary.

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