Swimming pools to build in Warwickshire

Can you imagine having your own swimming pool? Relaxing in your own garden in the summer. Well, RG Driveways-Solihull are offer a swimming pool construction, guidance, support, maintenance, design and installation service while providing a pleasurable customer experience from start to finish. So why not start 2021 with this amazing opportunity.

We offer any size, shape or type of construction from block and liner to steel reinforced concrete pools with vinyl liner, marbelite, hydrazzo or tile finish along with fiberglass or ceramic prefabricated one-piece pools are available tailored to your preference.

Our Pool and sauna servicing and maintenance is carried out all year round and closing down your pool through an annual maintenance scheme if preferred or required. Our team of ‘Swimming Pool Builders’ in Warwickshire, Solihull, and Birmingham, and the West Midlands also supply all chemicals and Pool accessories along with Spa’s, Sauna’s and Endless Pools so that you can start celebrating the summer in 2021.

Ricki Grenfell


A Customer First Approach

Like we said, bringing your ideas to life, from concept to construction with a ‘Customer First’ approach is at the very heart of all the team at RG Driveways-Solihull. We will keep up to date with any new developments in pool design, engineering and technological advancements that will benefit your specific build along the way.


What does a typical pool design from RG Driveways contain?

  • Bespoke Pool Finishes
  • Pool Plans, elevations and sections
  • Pool Design Schematic
  • Pool Pipework and services
  • Mechanical Pool plant room layouts.

Swimming Pools Design Service

Our Dedicated project manager and in-house design team will work with you during the design process, discussing your ideas and requirements. Our experience and unique knowledge are the basis of all types of pools, so you can soon relax knowing that you’ll have a swimming pool of your dreams.


Not only that, RG Driveways-Solihull will take control of the whole package, including any specialist design services and in turn take that responsibility away from you.

Swimming Pools Design Service