home offices in West Midlands

Are you still working from home? Or have you always worked from home, but need some new space. As coronavirus is still impacting our normal way life – nearly five in six office employees will continue to stay at home by working remotely instead of hogging the coffee machine and avoiding your boss’ eye contact. Here at RG Driveways, we have a selection of Home offices and log cabins for your home so that you can still work professionally, even in your dressing gown.

Even though Boris Johnson announced last week that he will attempt to see a surge of more offices reopening for their staff, a lot of employers are liking the idea of continuing the home office movement and zoom conference calls for a little while longer – at least until the coronavirus fully goes away.

working from home in a Home Offices in the West Midlands

How are you working from home? Are you sat in the kitchen, in the living room, sat on your bed – or have you made a makeshift office in the garden shed? Why don’t you have a look at the Home Office ideas we have available