Small Garden Ideas.

Living at Home during the pandemic means spending more time in the garden but what if you have a small garden, there’s not enough space for everyone to enjoy the scenery, right?  

Nope, small gardens, tiny terraces, little patios may require a little more thought than larger spaces, but even the smallest plot can be transformed into an elegant outdoor retreat while in Lockdown.

Of course, the main advantage of a small garden is that they’re wonderfully low-maintenance, and also, they’re great to be creative, as even the smallest of all gardens can be colourful and unique to any effect that you do.

It’s time to create the illusion of space by putting a zone out space. Put down a decorative outdoor rug to define a seating and dining area. It will act as an anchor point so you can arrange furniture sociably around it. Just imagine having a nice place to sit and relax, admiring the bird songs, alfresco dinning, or just another place to get creative and work on a hobby.

Add interest to a small garden by adding in different levels. This can be a sunken terrace area and a raised lawn like in this garden above. The ledges and steps will help open up how you can use the space, adding in extra sports for plant pots to be arranged or guests to sit.

Why not try shelves and hooks? They’re not just for inside. Clear up your floor space buy building shelves for lanterns and plat pots into an existing wall or fence. A recycled peg rail can become the perfect place to hang outdoor lighting.

Or how about, taking inspiration from the elements of a living wall? Using a vertical wall space will make the most of your space. The simple addition of horizontal fence panels can turn the side of the shed into a decorative living wall. Plus, these small outdoor spaces can be transformed

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