“Step inside the best luxury sauna brands in Warwickshire.”

When you think of a sauna, health, enjoyment, relaxation and leisure are all the words evoked by them. Saunas use dry heat or moist heat that gives positive health benefits on the body, such as clearing acne and spots, reducing anxiety and depression, and serious injury. There’s nothing like a good relaxing steam session to cleanse one’s self.

Saunas have been around for many years and their origins can go way back to a time of ancient cultures. However, they still remain important for modern day living.

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Two beautiful young women relaxing in SPA sauna room.
A picture of relaxing sauna cabin room.

What are they?

Originating from Nordic countries, saunas are a wooden cabin where strong dry heat, or moist heat is produced for the well-being of the user. The hot steam forces us to sweat, which directly results in the elimination of fats and toxins. Exposure to heat will stimulate the blood circulation in your body, relaxes muscles and strengthens the skin. Beyond the physical effects, a sauna soothes, relaxes and promotes peace of mind.

What are the different types?

Here at RG Contractors, we can build and design the two different types that you can choose from, both of which have identical configurations, but are distinguished by their head production: The traditional known as a steam room, and the infrared, which produces dry heat.

Traditional types

These types usually generate a moist heat through a stove or heated volcanic stone that are splashed with water, producing steam. The humidity level is maintained between 10 and 25%. However, the resulting hot steam combined with the heat of the stove increases the temperature of the sauna cabin, producing the desired effect.


The traditional method is heated mainly by the concept of convection and takes 30 minutes to an hour to heat up. The enhanced diffusion of heat hovers around 80/95 c, largely due to the emission of hot steam. Without adding water, a temperature of 90 to 110 can be attained, but with a very dry air. Steam has been proven to have a re-invigorating and re-energizing effects.


This type produces dry heat, which is partly due to the technology of the infrared panels installed all around on the walls of the cabin. The Ambient air in the infrared sauna is heated with infrared energy and the heat, which is milder than that of a traditional version, acts directly on the exposed skin, forcing the user to sweat even more. The temperature climbs faster in an infrared sauna and should only take an estimate 20 minutes.

Going above the references and guarantees that are often provided by renowned sauna manufacturers, it is always wise to play close attention to the quality of the wood, the infrared heaters and the power of the stove.

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