What’s the Cheapest of Redoing Driveways?

At RG Driveways Birmingham, we here to answer your question about What is the Cheapest of Redoing Driveways? Well if you live in a detached single-family home, there is a good chance you have your own driveway (Lucky you!). But that also means you are responsible for the whole maintenance and keeping it tidy – still feeling lucky?

Home improvements can cut down and reduce all the maintenance that needs doing. So, Redoing Driveways may increase the sale value of your home if you ever decide to move on and look for somewhere else to call a home – maybe a house with a bigger driveway, as the family is getting bigger, or retired to a quiet bungalow with a nice garden (call us for Landscaping too).

Redoing Driveways

There are some key factors to consider before you choose to redo your driveway and the type of material you need to start your project. See below the following:

  • Aesthetics

If you’re looking to anchor a cohesive, upscale front that increases your home’s curb appeal, you’ll probably lean toward stone or brick. If utility is your top priority, gravel or concrete will do.


  • Budget

Always consider what your budget is before you start any project for driveways. The installation or resurfacing costs could be

  • Driveway Dimensions
  • Drainage Features
  • Design Elements
  • Landscaping
  • Hours for Workers
  • Paving Material
  • Payment for your Driveway

Take a hard look at your personal savings and determine whether you have sufficient funds to finance your project out of pocket without compromising your emergency reserves or long-term savings. If time isn’t of the essence, consider setting up a separate home improvement and maintenance savings account out of which you fund urgent and planned projects alike. This can quickly be done through any bank.

The Shape and Dimensions of Redoing Driveways

If you are starting a Driveway from scratch, then RG Driveways in Birmingham has some plans for you to follow for its shape and course. Most driveways are straight and alongside or behind a house in suburban areas of Birmingham and the West Midlands.


In more rural areas, outside of big major cities like Birmingham – You may have a bit more freedom to make the driveway bigger, enough to hold more vehicles.

Local Regulations

Before you sink any money into your new driveway, make sure it’s permitted by the powers that be. Exclusive municipalities often regulate property improvements with heavy hands. Homeowners’ associations can be even less forgiving, banning certain materials or colours altogether.

Maintenance of your Driveway

The most important question is how much time, money and effort will you spend to maintain and invest in your driveway? Us here at RG Driveways, we recommend you upkeep on various materials – Gravel is easy and cheap to maintain, while asphalt requires a lot more attention every few years.

Make sure you’re aware of your Geography and Climate, does it Snow or Rain more where you are? (Birmingham – possibly a lot of rain). When it freezes, asphalt doesn’t hold up that well not like the others. Gravel is known to erode in heavy rain and isn’t especially easy to keep clear during the cold wintery months.

Conclusion to Redoing Driveways

Whatever you decide to do, if you’re perfectly content in your current home, you may decide to change plans and redo the driveway. It never hurts to look ahead to the future.

An attractive driveway won’t single-handedly bring buyers to your door, but it could raise your home’s selling price. Is a new driveway in your future? You can contact us today and receive a free quote straight to your email. Come on what are you waiting for, your driveway awaits.