Gardening Relives Pandemic Stress

How Gardening Relives Pandemic Stress

After several weeks of Lockdown, we all know how much getting outdoors truly matters to our wellbeing, but many households across the West Midlands area have discovered how Gardening has safeguarded their mental health.

Gardening Relives the Pandemic Stress

Our RG Driveways and Landscaping experts say nurturing plants and flowers causes chemical changes for the better in our brains, and even if you don’t have a garden or outdoor space – there are some other ways to get the same benefit, such as, including your TV.

Our Experts say, watching something therapeutic such as, gardening, painting, ASMR, can help stimulate the sensation of being relaxed – or ‘head tingles’. It’s even proven to destress.

“Horticulturalists say Gardening is the perfect medication for stress and anxiety.”

Grow your own food


Living in such unusual times has encouraged many households to discover or rediscover their passion for growing their own food. There is a great sense of security and pride that comes with providing for your family and a large space isn’t necessary to enjoy the beauty and bounty of a garden.

These are the many great ways to use your small space and containers so that you have a successful year. Living in such a small garden doesn’t need to stop you from doing this – Carrots, Peppers, Onions, tomatoes, peas, etc. can be successfully grown in small containers, so, if you have any lying around, or some old recyclable containers – get planting!