Landscaping Ideas For Your Garden.

Being stuck at home all this time is surly giving you loads of ideas of how to improve your home, especially making your Front Garden more welcoming which could improve the value of the property.


Read on to see RG Driveways’ landscaping ideas.

Firstly, are you considering the design and architecture of your home when you’re gardening?

For example, a cottage style house will compliment a country style look while a spare, minimalist garden would set off a more modern look.

Proportions should come into play and if you have a large house with a flat front, pretty flowers, you could consider using the plants and midsize shrubs to line a path that are inspired by and complement the shape and size of your home.

Using secondary landscape elements offers new opportunities for wider flower beds to grow at the side of the house. For example, having a secondary landscape design near a public side path not only creates a nice atmosphere for your home, but also to the house surroundings too – so, everyone walking by can admire the fresh new look.

Adding seating to your garden opens up a new world of possibilities, such as, alfresco dinning, a new spot for reading that book you wanted to read (since Christmas). All you need to do is start by laying down gravel or pebbles, then add a table and chairs.

A fire pit is the easiest way to ensure that your backyard is the talk of the town this summer, neighbours, friends, and family won’t be able to get enough of this opportunity to pop down and visit (as long as they stick to Social Distancing Measures). Don’t forget to stock up on marshmallows and crackers.

A Treehouse isn’t just for kids, you know! This fun little playhouse in the trees can make a fun night out under the stars with drinks galore and sleeping bags.

Despite maybe having a modern build, that doesn’t stop you going old fashioned and unique – timeless touches with archaic-appearing stone wall and post lamps, you can create a lovely steampunk, Victorian style garden.

If you live in the country and surrounded by hundreds of wildlife, make do with your furry neighbours by inviting them into your garden. Building a bird feeder, water tank, etc. is sure to make your property into a relaxing paradise.

Landscaping doesn’t have to break the bank, giving old items a second life as a garden structure or planters, such as an old bicycle to give your garden a rustic look.

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