New Resin Bound Driveways Solihull, Birmingham

New Resin Bound Driveways

The team at RG Driveways Solihull | Landscaping & Gardening near Birmingham have been extremely busy working on some new complex surfacing installs, we decided to give you an update on one of our latest projects. This New Resin bound brand new drive needed a team of organised individuals, two days of labour, a digger and a little bit of pure imagination. We will explain the step by step process, our struggles and considerations in greater detail in this blog post.

What is a New Resin Bound Driveways?

Basically, resin bound paving is a self-contained layer that is firm and sound, ready to withstand a high traffic from vehicles, pedestrians or from sports activities.

To get a better idea of how resin surfaces are being done, let us explain the basic terms that are used when trying to explain the process.

We apply resin surfaces at the following thickness:

  • 15mm – suitable for pedestrian use only with a strong sub-base
  • 15-18mm – recommended for standard driveways and a light to medium traffic
  • 25mm – perfect for high trafficked areas, that need to withstand heavy loads

When building a new resin bound driveway, it is crucial to remember that the structure must be enveloped in some sort of edging or kerb to contain the surface.

Depending on the possible uses, base course will sit on top of a sub-base, that combined will make out a layer called a Substrate. Base course is usually a bituminous macadam. Oftentimes, many existing driveways will be built out of this material and hence can be a perfect base layer for resin surface course. A qualified specialist will perform a thorough inspection, weeds and algae removal, drying and smoothing the existing surface prior to applying resin bound top layer.

Resin surface course is a top and final layer of the construction, which will vary in thickness, certain properties and finish. It comprises of aggregate (natural gravel; crushed rock; recycled glass) and resin (hardening agent). The minimum thickness of a resin wearing course must be 15mm.

How to build New Resin Bound Driveways

Every surface installation is different. We have fitted enough of Driveways to know that only thorough consideration of certain key points will lead to finishing the job swiftly and professionally.

A successful construction of a resin surface depends on a few main factors:

  • use of the surface,
  • size of the area to be covered,
  • existing surface,
  • type of sub-base,
  • weather conditions,
  • time of year,
  • customer’s desired colour and finish.

Out of hundreds of resin driveways, which we complete with a standard approach, we have had a few that would require a little bit more planning and preparation work. Check out this recently finished front drive and car parking space for a 4-bed detached house in Solihull, Birmingham, West Midlands.

Our customers in the Birmingham area decided to get rid of their front of house garden in favour for a new resin bound surfaced driveways. The works needed a digger to uproot all the mature shrubs and hedges. When the surface is being prepared from scratch, like in this case, it is important to make sure the soil is weed and roots free and the area is evened out to a certain point.

We also removed a heavy load of old bricks, as well as crumbling pieces of damaged paving. That was one full day of works done and we were looking forward to continuing with our project the next day.

We have fitted a concrete base layer over the whole area with extreme care over the depth, leverage and surface edgings. We had one issue at one point with larger than average size stone that we also had to dig out before a substrate was finally installed.

Mixing the Materials to make the Driveways

The main wearing course – resin bound layer – is a combination of aggregate and resin. As we adhere to the strictest surfacing trade regulations, we mix the components on site at temperatures no less than 5 degrees of Celsius and no higher than 25 degrees.

This prevents resin from thinning under heat. Overheated resin could potentially end up drained away into deeper layers of the surface, which will effectively make the aggregate disintegrate.

During summer months in Solihull, Birmingham, mixing all the components usually takes place early in the morning, or later in the afternoon, when the temperatures are significantly lower, so that we don’t make any mistakes when mixing.

Our customers chose the Midnight Moon natural stone aggregate to go perfectly with their property design. We weigh the aggregate precisely to identify the amount of resin needed for each batch. The mixing process takes about two minutes after which a grainy, ‘dough like’, raw surface material can be fitted.

Using a forced action mixer, we blend the aggregate with the resin. Our equipment can hold up to 100 kg of aggregates which helps us work quickly and efficiently. We pay great attention to the mix of materials being carried out to the manufacturer’s exact specifications and procedures.

Laying down Driveways

Through a hand trowelled method of application, we ensure the correct thickness is achieved and that any minor dips or level discrepancies in the base layer are addressed.

It is worth pointing out that resin surface possesses excellent adhesive qualities, therefore no sticky primers are needed to ensure all layers stick together firmly and create a permanent bond with the base.

Our installers have spent a sufficient amount of time working the resin bound mixture side to side with a hand trowel, using a pressing and rubbing action. This is the final stage of the process, creating humps free, tight and smooth surface.

Resin Verses Traditional Surfaces

Although fairly new on the market, resin bound Driveways prove superior to tarmac, concrete, gravel or paved driveways, because:

  • They are extremely hard-wearing, strong and durable
  • Low maintenance – requires no frequent jet washing
  • They are fully compliant with Sustainable Drainage System Policy
  • They boast a permeable quality – hence no puddles, no standing water
  • They are weed and moss growth resistant
  • Can be fully customised to customer specification
  • They are safer to walk on with their non-slip technology an much more

RG Driveways Solihull | Landscaping & Gardening near Birmingham, West Midlands is a family run business who are fully qualified specialists and pride ourselves in hundreds of successful installs for both commercial and residential projects. We are a Trusted Traders company and enjoy ongoing business through a word of mouth recommendation from our customers.

We undertake a wide range of surfacing projects, from standard drives, pathways and walkways, car parks, to specialist sports surfacing such as tennis courts.

Check our RG Driveways Solihull | Landscaping & Gardening to find your favourite design or speak to us directly on 01564 757575 about your unique idea. Feel free to follow the link to enquire about your free survey and initial quotation here.

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