A guide to Choosing your Driveway in 2020

 Here at RG Driveways-Solihull | Landscaping & Gardening in Birmingham, a welcome driveway can set the tone for the rest of your loving home. Solihull boss, Ricki Grenfell explains how to get your driveway right in this handy guide for 2020.

A Guide to Laying down the Foundation

The driveway finish should be you to decide on, the base that you lay should also essentially be the same and ideally 100-150mm of hardcore. However, the most efficient method is to use machines that spread and tamp hardcore such as, digger buckets that are effective tampers.

It is very useful to have hardcore laid as early as possible as it aids access and stops the site becoming a quagmire. A handy guide suggests that drain-laying timetables do not always allow this use of machinery. Whether it is worth getting machinery in later just to lay hardcore depends on your driveway size.

A Guide to Surface Options

The simple finishes are a little cheaper than paving’s you tend to find in other homes, but these poured surfaces are now rarely used by us here at RG Driveways in Birmingham. Some specialist operators now offer patterned concrete paving or resin-bonded driveways.

They can look highly attractive but are very expensive, if they are applied to a large area. Permeable concrete and asphalt are also available, made with a single size aggregate that leaves gaps for water to pass through.

Gravel is possibly the simplest surfaces to construct as its available in a wide range of colours and sizes. Although, the gravel supplier tends to remove all the fines and dust, we ensure you that you will be provided with clean pebbles or chips for your driveway.

Grass paving is a compliant option that comprises a concrete or plastic honeycomb for, such as, 500mm x 500mm. This particular structure carries the weight of people or vehicles that are allowed on the driveway.

Block Paving is a surface that are filled with fine aggregate, which is then laid on a free draining base. Not all systems suit all applications: flat or sloping land, clay or sandy soils will affect which is best. A good installer will help determine which is suitable for your home.

A Guide to Resin Bound Driveways in Birmingham

RG Driveways-Solihull in Birmingham design beautiful Permeable Paving driveways, with low-maintenance surfaces with an 18-year guarantee. The perfect for choice for your home paving. Ricki Grenfell suggests that resin bound paving is an attractive, environmentally friendly alternative to asphalt, gravel, decking and paving stones that you may already have at your home.

We are Offering a full supply and installation service as well as an extensive range of supply only products, RG Driveways has been bringing surfaces to life for 7 years.

Equally suitable for both new build and home improvement projects, their wide choice of colours and textures make it ideal for all homes; contemporary to listed.

The main benefits of our resin bound surface include:

  • An 18-year guarantee
  • No loose stone
  • Low maintenance
  • UV stability

About Our Team

Our team here at RG contractors have a wealth of experience in the field of landscaping, driveways, garden maintenance and garden design. All of our projects are designed from the ground up with your requirements in mind. We have been delivering successful projects to a wide customer base since 2007.

We take pride in all of our driveway and garden designs, first class workmanship and providing immaculate attention to detail.

The finishing touches. The majority of our new business derives from word of mouth from our highly satisfied customers and fellow businesses within the building trade. Rest assured that our garden designers will work with you at every stage to ensure the success of any building project.