The Many Garden Wonders in Lockdown

Are you bored in Lockdown? Don’t frown there is plenty of Golden opportunities and Garden Wonders to reset your connection with nature and wildlife. Over 85% of homes in the UK have a garden, but if you don’t and lucky to live in an area with a quiet place to walk then this can apply to you as well.

The Gardens Wonders

Gardens provide a tremendous resource for biodiversity, and they’re perfect places to observe and reflect on nature. In the UK alone there is a fifth of all bird species in urban areas, and they are the entry drug to a magical world of garden wonders. Take a seat, watch and listen to the evening song all in the comfort of your garden.

Indoor bird watchers have helped reveal the inner lives of the garden birds, and there are ample opportunities for budding naturalists to do the same for insects, hedgehogs, toads, and frogs.


Its now officially Spring, which means slightly warmer and nicer days to spend in the garden – as well as lighter evenings for late night al fresco style dinner meals. This time of year, we have the peak bird migration and the earliest of butterflies are starting to emerge, making our gardens wonders into a paradise haven.

If you can get out of the house for a bit, why not tend to your garden so that it benefits the wildlife? It is suggested by professionals that Gardening can help reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. Any contact with nature for people suffering from Mental Health Illness, said that they felt better being in the garden soaking up the fresh air than being cooped up inside.

Keep going, it will get better

Keep going, some of the greatest insights into animal behaviour have come from watching garden wildlife. There is much to learn from the species we tend to overlook, with an increasingly immersive experience to the natural world. At the very least, gazing out the window can embrace the moment to connect with a different pace of life.

During this lockdown, you are prescribed to a dose of garden nature which should be taken daily whenever needed when feeling that slight cabin fever.

Top Tips

  • With the different bird feeders that you have, try to track when they feed and for how long, as you can start to build a nature diary that can be shared with friends and family online.


  • During the night-time, try and watch for hedgehogs, foxes, badges, bats and owls. If you have access to remote camera, then you can be even closer to the action during the night time feed.


  • Children can see springtime nature first hand. If you can’t obtain seeds then carefully transplant soil with young seedlings from the garden to a flowerpot. Even a few handfuls of garden soil, if kept moist in a pot or maybe a jam jar, will soon produce seedlings, fungi and mini beasts.
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