Am I allowed to sit in the Garden during Lockdown?

It’s been a week since the UK went into Lockdown, and as the population adjusts to life in self-isolation, many questions have been risen over the conditions of Boris Johnson’s new measures, aimed to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

This week many people have ignored the Government plans and visited parks, met up with friends, and used public gyms – just because the Sun has been blazing and making the public wanting to go out. However, for those who are sticking to the rules and sticking inside, we have the most important question; Can we use our Gardens during lockdown?

Can I use my Garden?

Short answer, yes! Yes, you can use your Garden freely during Lockdown, as long as it’s your own, and there’s no chance of coming into close contact with the public. Gardening is great to tackle stress and anxiety during these difficult times of uncertainty. So, if you’re lucky enough to have your own space, now might be the time to garden to your hearts content.

If you live in a flat or an apartment, doing window boxes or flower pots can still help with anxiety. However, what about an allotment? You can continue to use it as usual, as long as you’re observing the government’s social distancing rules, stating with the two-metres away from other gardeners. The ban on gatherings of more than two people from different households must also be observed in allotments.

Are Gardeners Key Workers?

There is no current guidance on whether Gardeners will be maintaining the parks during the lockdown, though it’s likely they will be able to maintain school gardens, public places while they’re shut to keep them pruned.

The Government believe strongly that having access to green space has never been more important than it is today, protecting people’s physical and mental health, especially those without a Garden.

Staying Healthy

It is important to keep exercising and get plenty of fresh air for the benefit of not just our physical health, but our Mental Health as well. This is to make sure we’re keeping up on our wellbeing, especially in the unprecedented nature of the situation we are in now.

Those who are gathering and exercising in public places, are considered selfish and risking lives of the NHS workers and the most vulnerable individuals that could catch the coronavirus.

By Helping spread the Virus, they will slow down our ability to stop it, which means all these measures will continue to be in place for much longer, again affecting small and local businesses.