How Much to Landscape Front Garden?

If you’ve ever caught up on a recent RG Contractors and Scaffolding blog articles, or happen to come across our website, then you’ll no doubt have craved one of our gorgeous landscaped front garden.

There’s a growing popularity for outdoor living, which means taking more care of our gardens than ever before. So, if you’ve got a rather weedy lawn and some sad looking flowerbeds, you might be thinking of getting a little help.

Landscaping prices vary vastly depending on what you want – our professionals can come in and renovate the entire garden or just pop in a garden path with a few flower pots. Luckily, this does mean that you can get some horticultural for your Front Garden, regardless of your budget.

Did you know that our Landscaping Quotes could save you up to 40% of your money?

Front Garden Design

If you’re really in need of inspiration and want to hire a design team to help you create your dream front garden, you’ll need the budget to pay for it as its’s far from cheap.

A small garden design can still cost at an expensive £7,000 once designers have been hired and the landscaping is all finished. However, it’s important to remember that you will be getting a custom garden that no one else has. There are thousands of designers available, although they’ll bring their unique style to the project.

Low Budget

If you haven’t got a few thousand pounds burning a hole in your back pocket, then there are still ways to get a beautifully landscaped garden for a cheaper price. There are many jobs you can do yourself which don’t require a lot of skill.

In addition, if you’re desperate for a gorgeous garden, then you’ve probably spent some time poring over books, blogs and magazines; you’ll have a few ideas or two.

Front Garden Landscaping Components

  • If you want a new patio laid on an area that’s already flat, quotes should average around £800 for a 4m x 2m area. Make sure your quote includes the removal of excess soil, and that landscapers lay the patio on top of sand, hardcore or cement. Any trader offering a quick job and suggesting they lay the patio on top of soil should be avoided. On average, this size patio should take around two days to complete.
  • Patio removed and replaced with lawn. If you want your existing patio pulled up and a lawn put down, it should cost about £500 for a 4m x 2m area. Again, it should take about two days to complete, and you must ensure landscapers will take away the waste. Many gardeners will include the cost of hiring a skip in the price. 
  • Provided the area is already laid to a flat lawn, a deck that’s 4m x 2.5m in size should cost between £800 and £1,000. Allow up to two days for installation. 
  • Raised vegetable beds. Home grow vegetables are all the rage, so if you’re looking at giving it a go, it’s a good idea to start with some raised beds. These are simple to construct, especially if the ground’s already flat. Creating two beds with a total size of 4m x 1.5m should cost between £200 and £700 depending on your region and the materials used. 
  • Build a rockery. Though it might seem rather old-fashioned, small rockeries have actually become popular again due to the beautiful modern plant varieties on offer. Including all the plants and rocks, you can expect costs to average about £350. Be sure to have a set size for the rockery included in your quote to ensure you’re not disappointed. 
  • Build a shingle path. Shingle paths are the easiest to build and should be fairly inexpensive. A 6m x 1m path should cost no more than £500 and take only a day. Make sure landscapers put down a weed suppressant membrane beneath. 
  • Build a garden pond. For any wildlife enthusiast, a small pond is a must. There’s quite a lot of effort involved in digging out a pond, so it might be a job you’d prefer someone else to do. Building a pond that’s 1.5m in diameter should take a couple of days and will cost between £400 and £800 including digging, lining and filling.