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We install fences for people for numerous reasons, mainly to create borders, for privacy and for architectural enhancement. However the range of different fencing is vast but you can guarantee that there will be a type that will suit you and your property. RG Contractors of Solihull have been installing fencing for many years and as one of the areas leading fencing contractors, we can discuss what fencing best suits your needs. We build fences that will stand the test of time. Below are the most common types of fencing that we have been installing for many years:

Wood panel/close board fencing

Normally installed in residential properties for privacy and to create boundaries for people’s children’s and pets. This type of garden fence is popular because it can be painted to match the landscape of your garden or you can choose to leave it natural. The wooden fence panels usually come in either 6 or 8 foot sections and are around 4 to 6 feet tall. The panels can have pointed pickets or be dog-eared, whichever your preference is. It is sturdy enough to withstand strong winds and is great for providing you with privacy and security around your garden.

Vinyl fencing

This type of fencing is perfect if you want something that is low maintenance. It does not rot and will not fade over time like their wood counterparts tend to do.

Garden Trellis

This can be added to the top of existing fencing, creating a higher fence for you but it still allows light to come into your garden. Trellis is also good for climbing plants and can become a decorative feature in your garden as well as providing privacy.

Palisade/picket fencing

Although this type of fencing is not primarily used for privacy purposes it still offers the homeowner excellent security. It is commonly used in commercial properties, such as schools and industrial units, mainly because it has a very robust design and cannot be damaged easily through. The design of the fence also means that it is very difficult to climb which is why it is commonly used for commercial purposes. Picket fencing is often used at low levels and you often see them in parks or at playgrounds. However we also install them in people’s front gardens as they are often seen as more aesthetically pleasing than a brick wall.

Farm fencing

Farm fencing uses heavy galvanised wire and barbed wire along with gates and panels and is often found around the feeding lots of the animals, their pens or around the pastures of larger farm animals.

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