Home Insurance: Is my Driveway covered?

Short answer: yes, your driveway is covered under your home insurance, as they are the necessity to function everyday life at home. However, if your driveway does not lead to your home, for example, if the driveway is on another land or area, then it might not be covered.

This has two main components such as, property insurance and life insurance. Your driveway is technically part of your home insurance, as well as garden design and decking if such product was to be damaged.

Is it worth having Home insurance?

However, make sure that you review your policy carefully for other exclusions specific to Birmingham or any other West Midlands area. If your driveway does not lead to your home and is included elsewhere away from your house, you need to make sure that you have enough coverage if the driveway is to be damaged.

If the driveway leads to a building where business is conducted, there may not be any coverage. For example, you have a small garage where you run a woodworking shop out of. The driveway leads from the road to the woodworking shop. Even though this is on your property with your home, the claim would be excluded because the driveway leads to a building used for business use.