Dodgy Driveways gang targeting homes in Birmingham

Dodgy Driveways gang targeting homes

Driveway in Solihull

RG Driveways Solihull are urging residents from Solihull and wider Birmingham area not to buy or order anything repair related from their own doorsteps, as it could be scammers trying to take your money! Read this blog to continue!

A warning has been sounded following reports of a gang offering Driveways repairs or replacements at homes in the Solihull area this week. Reports suggest that the gang is pretending to be an established business and is offering ten year guarantees on their work. Birmingham Council says the gang will be here today and gone tomorrow with no come back for anyone who subsequently finds a problem with the work. 

Ricki Grenfell, owner of RG Driveways Solihull in Birmingham has said:

“Our message couldn’t be simpler. Do not buy anything from anyone on your doorstep.”

Sadly, it’s becoming more common for salesmen to go knocking on doors looking for business when it comes to driveways scams. Normally the process that is involved in this will be that a workman will knock on the door and point out a problem with your existing driveways. He will then tell you that he’s in the neighbourhood working on other customers driveways and he had some left-over materials that means he could work on your driveways for you at a reduced price. Then the offer will come of a reduced price for a short period of time only. 

As we are a genuine company, we do not need to go door-to-door begging for work. Anyone else who comes knocking on your door, offering you something even if it sounds fantastic, is probably more than likely a scam trying to take your money. This obviously gives our trade a bad name. In the past, these ‘scammers’ have tried other tactics to try and persuade homeowners to have repairs on their driveways before a “14-day cooling period has expired” – this prevents other quotes from being obtained, and they also ask for payment in cash or by cheque to a third party. Although, the cold-callers will be nice and warming at first, they can turn aggressive and menacing which can frighten the most fragile and elderly person, especially when it comes time to pay.

Most driveways scammers of this type won’t even have conducted a full inspection of your property and therefore probably have no genuine idea as to the exact costs involved or the length of time it’ll take. You’ll often find that if they do complete the work, it will be to an inferior standard than a company who don’t have to go around touting for business door-to-door. In a worst-case scenario, you will pay money for a job that is never completed and as is the case for most door-to-door salesmen, they won’t have any contact details other than their mobile which is unlikely to be available most of the time.

Protect yourself, defeat the Driveways Scammers

Driveways in Solihull

The only way to protect yourself from driveways scams is to always ensure you use a reputable tradesman who is part of a governing body or trade association. In the UK, many reliable tradesmen will be part of the Trustmark scheme to ensure that customers know they are professional in their trade such as, RG Driveways Solihull.

Always use RG Driveways or any other tradesperson that you have a good vibe about also. If something feels too good to be true, it usually is. Ideally, you shouldn’t even get into discussions with a tradesman who approaches you at your home. Speak to friends and family about tradesmen they’ve used in the past and then try and hire them. Also, make use of online information sites that outline the positive and negatives of traders in your local area. Always go local, this will ensure you have a point of contact near you also. If you do find a tradesman whom you feel may be a rogue trader, get their number and contact your local trading standards authority. They will advise you on what to do from there and can provide you with information about whether you can help others avoid becoming involved with a rogue tradesman who promises you fabulous driveways at a reduced price.

This is a crime and it needs to be stopped! If you need any advice you can call us on 01564 75 75 75 or on 0744 722 3344.  

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