The Cost of Garden Landscaping 2020

Here at RG Driveways in Birmingham, we are well-known in the West Midlands as Gardeners, and whether we have rolling acres or jest a few nagging baskets to design, a lot of homeowners take their gardens very seriously. So what is the cost?

It’s no surprise that our customers like to hire us as their landscape gardeners to carry out both the simple and ambitious projects to make your home a dream. We build patios, decking, ponds, planters and gardens.

Before you jump right ahead, you’ll want to get some ideas – Have a look at our expert advice.

What’s the cost in Landscaping?

Well for a generic landscape gardening job, it can be proven difficult, as our gardens are as individual as we are. A large-scale refurbishment in a big garden, which involves planning, adding patio or decking, laying new turf, constructing paths and borders and so on, will run to several thousand pounds,

Although, accounting for things like planting and garden furniture. However, it is possible to break down smaller elements of landscape gardening and give a rough price for how much they will cost.

However, if you’re wanting a new patio, they generally cost depending on the per square size of the garden and they type of material used to design the patio. RG Driveways will estimate the patio at around £80 per square metre which also includes digging and levelling the area first.

How About Decking?

Decking gives the same use as a patio or paved area, but using wood provides what many homeowners feel for a softer, more natural touch for their garden.

As well as patios, decking will also be priced per metre, with cheaper costs for some woods, such as pine, where you can expect to pay around £70 per square metre, and more for more durable and long-lasting hardwoods, which can cost £200 per square metre or more.

Green Green Grass

Homeowners know that their garden wouldn’t be complete with a traditional lawn, but the cost can put people off. However, laying down turf could be the cheaper alternative than a patio or decking, usually coming in at around
£10 to £20 per square metre.

But, if you don’t want the trouble of mowing the lawn every other week, artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular across the housing markets across the Birmingham region. You will still need to maintain it ever so often, making sure the lawn keeps that freshness all year round.

What are the Other costs?

At RG Driveways in Birmingham There are several other projects that our landscape gardeners can tackle. Laying a path for example, might cost around £500, while digging out and lining a pond might cost between £400 and £800. Constructing raised beds for planting from railway sleepers would begin at around £200.

Another cost that you may have to take into account is the price of a skip, if a significant amount of earth is going to be taken away. This can cost between £150 and £300.

If you’re interested in our services please do give us a call or send us an email for a free quotation. Our experts can modify the most challenging landscapes and develop high maintenance gardens to reach their full potential. We pride ourselves with innovative garden and driveway designs. We deliver quality workmanship and ensure those finishing touches such as plant selections suits your lifestyle, home and environment.


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