Making your Driveway Stand Out

Making your Driveway Stand Out

When it comes to making that all important decision, who are you going to call? GHOSTBUSTERS!! Okay, no but at RG Driveways Solihull near Birmingham we can help you pick out the best material for any driveway repair. It is not uncommon to feel a little confused and not very confident in your final decision, especially when every piece of the information contradicts each other.

Driveway in Solihull
Driveway in Solihull

We believe that concrete doesn’t get as much love as other materials used for your Driveway, due to a misconception that it is dull and lacks that all important ‘WOW Factor’ that all homeowners want to stand out from the crowd.

Colour your Driveway

When we mean staining, we’re not talking about a grease spot from your car oil spills, we’re talking about aesthetic browns, reds and creams. In fact, stained concreate is the process of adding a variety of colours to the boring dark grey that concrete is famously known for. Since grey concrete is so 1999, adding colour to your concrete drive is the perfect way to make it stand out.

Take a look at some examples that we had a pleasure of working on for our lovely customers.

That New Design

A concrete drive has come a long way and we are no longer have to settle for a simple smooth finish. However, with the introduction of the different designs, the material has become incredibly versatile meaning that you are able to create patterns that resemble brick, tile, stone and even wood. Whether you go with stamped concrete or imprinted concrete, you can for certain add a design that will catch the eye of all your nosy neighbours – yes, we’re talking about you Doris!


Gravel Driveway

There’s nothing more soothing than hearing the crunching sound when either walking or driving on a gravel drive. At a relatively cost-effective way of making your drive without a ton of money, pea shingle is often considered to be the best material to use. You can refurb your home with this old-fashioned and classy look by pouring the gravel into the area you want for your driveway. However, bare in mind that gravel driveways need to be maintained daily and that you will need to rake over the surface from time to time to prevent the gravel dispersing.


Yep, just like what you may see on Grand Designs. Grass is the most natural way as a design element, by using a grass strip down the centre of concrete slabs. This will save you hundreds of pounds on materials, for even the modest of driveways. Think about long stemmed grasses to the side of your drive, with a hardy grass sown in the middle. Of course, you will need to mow the side parts in the hot summer months, but it’s worth the effort.

Block Paving

Block paving is the most popular of drives for many exterior refurbishments, this is mainly because blocks are super easy to maintain. The advantage of Block Paving over any other material options is that the bricks that sit together making up the surface can be lifted out when required. So, if you have an unsightly oil spill, you are able to replace it easily. Regular block paving has a layout that is consistent over the surface, with designs ranging from simple squares to a herringbone. However, an individual style can easily be created by using a range of different sized and shaped blocks.


Just like adding the many different designs, picking an exciting new texture is certain to get some attention! In fact, choosing a different texture for your driveway is a perfect way if you’re looking for that ‘fine’ finish that is a little more subtle than the stamping pattern but adds that ‘WOW Factor’ that everyone is defiantly searching for!

Being able to get that stand out drive is very important, especially if you are having the exterior of your home refurbished. After all, we all want to proudly show off our newest purchases to next door, or the little old lady from across the street, who mostly judges people on their homes. Here at RG Driveways Solihull, we offer a range of different services that are dedicated to your driveway repair, including concrete! For more information, please speak to Ricki or a member of the team on 01564 757575 or email us here

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