Landscaping Company Offers Help by Collecting Rubbish

In these dark times, RG Driveways in Birmingham has brought you some happy and uplifting news. A Landscaping company has set up a service picking up rubbish after a local grey bin service was stopped due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Not a Rubbish Job

The Landscaping company has been inundated with calls after setting up a garden waste pick-up service, helping out local residents who have no way of disposing of their garden waste.

The local council last week cancelled their rubbish bin pick-up service due to the coronavirus outbreak, also shutting down their recycling centres, leaving residents with no way of disposing any of their waste other than composting – which is difficult if you don’t have a garden.

Skyrocketed Service

The demand for his services had skyrocketed after the company published a post on their Facebook page offering to pick up the rubbish for £4 a rubbish bin, then dispose it at the Resource management depot. The company told the Evening News: “It is absolutely bizarre and the phone goes off 24/7 at the moment. We have lost count of the number of bins that we’ve picked up.”

Restricted Hours

Due to the Pandemic, the company has had to restrict its hours for landscaping jobs due to social distancing and working from home rules. Mostly all skip and scaffolding companies have shut down throughout the Lockdown Period.

Can I use my Garden?

Short answer, yes! Yes, you can use your Garden freely during Lockdown, as long as it’s your own, and there’s no chance of coming into close contact with the public. Gardening is great to tackle stress and anxiety during these difficult times of uncertainty. So, if you’re lucky enough to have your own space, now might be the time to garden to your hearts content.

If you live in a flat or an apartment, doing window boxes or flower pots can still help with anxiety. However, what about an allotment? You can continue to use it as usual, as long as you’re observing the government’s social distancing rules, stating with the two-metres away from other gardeners. The ban on gatherings of more than two people from different households must also be observed in allotments.

Stay Safe

It is important to keep exercising and get plenty of fresh air for the benefit of not just our physical health, but our Mental Health as well. This is to make sure we’re keeping up on our wellbeing, especially in the unprecedented nature of the situation we are in now.

Those who are gathering and exercising in public places, are considered selfish and risking lives of the NHS workers and the most vulnerable individuals that could catch the coronavirus.

By Helping spread the Virus, they will slow down our ability to stop it, which means all these measures will continue to be in place for much longer, again affecting small and local businesses.

What can I do in your Garden?

Right then, the suns out during this lovely spring, you’re in your comfy old gardening clothes ready to get dirty, the soil is still wet because of the rains we’ve had a few weeks ago, come on, it’s time to make the most of the time you have during the UK Lockdown.


  • Weeds and Weeding:

Today is perfect to start pulling those bloody weeds from the grass, here’s the best way to pull them:

Soft and moist soil makes it easier to pull them out easier.

Manual weeding is the best choice since it avoids using any kind of chemical and herbicides.

  • Renovating the lawn:

Spring is the best season to freshen up and re-seed your lawn, once you’ve pulled out every weed of course.


  • Trimming the bush

There’s still time to catch up on pruning and trimming your roses bush, if you haven’t had the opportunity yet. Also, did you know that shrubs that have finished their winter blooming can also be pruned now. And, of course, there many types of hedges that can still be pruned and trimmed these days.