How Landscaping Could Increase Home Value

How Landscaping Could Increase Home Value The team love Landscaping our gardens here at RG Driveways in Birmingham, West Midlands, and you could too – in fact, did you know that you could increase your Home value by 77% according to a new study from Post Office Money. Doing up your Garden could add more […]

RG Contractors are here for you

RG Contractors are here for you Here at RG Contractors in Birmingham, West Midlands, our team is continuing to grow and thrive even through these difficult times. The team are dedicated, highly skilled and pride ourselves on providing the best customer service. As a small business, every phone call and enquiry are important to us! […]

Solihull Mansion Job

The Solihull Masion Project Here’s a project we’re pulling out from the archives, RG Driveways from Birmingham was given the Solihull Mansion job – just outside Solihull, West Midlands. We were given the task to full renovate the entire front and back garden, as well as the driveway.   Solihull Mansion Towards the end of […]

How much is Composite Decking?

Even in these dark times, it might be hard to focus on spending money on Composite Decking for the garden especially seeing food supplies fall rapidly during this pandemic. However, Gardening is the best way to settle your Mental Health and to keep calm during Lockdown. Here at RG Driveways in Birmingham, West Midlands. We […]

What’s the Cheapest of Redoing Driveways?

At RG Driveways Birmingham, we here to answer your question about What is the Cheapest of Redoing Driveways? Well if you live in a detached single-family home, there is a good chance you have your own driveway (Lucky you!). But that also means you are responsible for the whole maintenance and keeping it tidy – […]

Landscaping Company Offers Help by Collecting Rubbish

In these dark times, RG Driveways in Birmingham has brought you some happy and uplifting news. A Landscaping company has set up a service picking up rubbish after a local grey bin service was stopped due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Not a Rubbish Job The Landscaping company has been inundated with calls after setting up […]

The Many Garden Wonders in Lockdown

Are you bored in Lockdown? Don’t frown there is plenty of Golden opportunities and Garden Wonders to reset your connection with nature and wildlife. Over 85% of homes in the UK have a garden, but if you don’t and lucky to live in an area with a quiet place to walk then this can apply […]

What does a Landscaper do?

Here at RG Driveways Birmingham, our landscaper is hired to make your outdoor space such as, your garden, patio, decking, etc. look beautiful. They will perform many tasks from picking up litter, cutting the grass, pulling the weeds, and planting or removing flowers and plants. A landscaper uses hand tools and power tools to trim […]

Am I allowed to sit in the Garden during Lockdown?

It’s been a week since the UK went into Lockdown, and as the population adjusts to life in self-isolation, many questions have been risen over the conditions of Boris Johnson’s new measures, aimed to curb the spread of the coronavirus. This week many people have ignored the Government plans and visited parks, met up with […]

UK Lockdown: Landscaping & Garden ideas

In these strange times, RG Driveways-Birmingham have put together some Landscaping and garden design ideas whilst we’re currently in a UK Lockdown. Hopefully, while we’re all stuck at home, we will find ways to enjoy a new hobby, watch an entire movie franchise and even decorate the garden to make your home perfect. UK Lockdown? […]