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There is a lot that can get in the way of your Decking design of your Birmingham home, and it can have a big impact on how the look of your Property develops. Due to this, it is very important that you take care of the overall look and design. Choosing the right elements can make your Decking shine, while also fitting it in the right space available in your garden. Take a look at our blog as we give you an insight on all the materials you can choose from when having Decking.

Wood Decking

This is an authentic, beautifully natural option that comes in a variety of grains. Popular options include pressure treated pine, redwood, cedar and tropical hardwoods. Hardwood and exotic options are usually the most expensive and any wood decking has the ability to crack, stain or change colour if it is not properly maintained. 

Life is Plastic, Its Fantastic

This is the best form of decking if you are looking to resist the elements while eliminating stains. Your choices will include polyethylene and PVC, both of which are fairly lightweight. It is best to note that some versions can look a bit cheap. Some plastic decking can be rather slippery and it has been known to sag more than wood. 

Aluminium – Tough Ridged!

This is a type of decking the is rigid, tough and often slip resistant. Depending on the kind that you choose, a baked-on finish or anodised finish can last a long time in the right weather conditions. The sections are also able to sometimes interlock so that the chance that rain will get through is slim to none. The downside to this material is that it is generally quite expensive.

Composite Decking

So, this is a very popular option when you want that look of wood – without, well having wood. you get the tough combination of both wood fiber and plastic. You can sometimes stain composite decking so that you can get the look you are longing for and a lot of it will come with sides that are encased in plastic to help prevent the growth of mildew.

Some options might be less resistant to stains, slips and mildew and this is a material that can be a bit heavier and more expensive than hard wood deck options. The price range can vary dramatically depending on your choice of material. 

Popular composite decking materials include Trex, Timbertech and Blooma. 

Deck materials can vary significantly in cost and quality. It is going to be a matter of taking into account your budget as well as the overall look and feel that you are going for around the exterior of your home. No matter what, you will see that taking the time to look for the right decking material by using this guide, you will end up with the perfect Decking installation in the Solihull, Birmingham area

Decking Maintenance Tips for the Solihull, Birmingham area.

Your investment in Decking is an excellent way to enhance or sustain you’re the price of your home, but just as your house and garden needs a lot of care, so does your Decking. RG Driveways-Solihull will outline the best investment thrives for years to come.  Before proceeding we’ll need to establish if your maintenance is skin deep or structural. In the event your Decking in the Solihull and Birmingham area requires structural re-alignment contact a decking installation specialist first. 

We always going to assume that your maintenance is cosmetic, perhaps maybe, your Decking is scorched from the hot sun. It may be untreated redwood or cedar prone to dry out. Either way, your approach will vary based on the materials and blemishes that may appear.

Giving your Decking a bath, you’re having a Laugh!

After removing debris and fixtures you should have a hose or a pressure washer at the ready. In the event you’re using a pressure washer, opt for a model with a 1200 PSI. 

Some people may buy a cleaning solution from their local Supermarket store, while others meanwhile, opt for their own homemade brand. These Solutions typically consist of water, bleach and dishwasher detergent. Then after you’ve done with that, rinse your Decking with a garden hose and warmish water.

Keeping Your Decking safe

After treating your wooden deck, allow for ample recovery and take a few days off before embarking on the final step. Applying sealant is a step will depend on the brand of wood, wood stain and sealant. In the event you’re unsure of how to execute these roles, if you need any more information you can contact us and we’ll be on hand to answer any enquires and help out with anything.

How to do Prepare to Paint my Decking

There are a few options when it comes to applying your decking paint or stain. Choose from a timber brush, a roller set (some include brushes), a paint pad or a paint sprayer. Not every stain or paint will work with every roller, paint pad or sprayer available, so always check the product instructions for both the product and the tool before you start to ensure they’re compatible.

To work more quickly, consider a roller. These allow for greater coverage in one application than a brush and can be fitted with extension poles for greater comfort when working. We recommend a thicker pile for a coloured stain or paint, rather than for clearer finishes.

We hope you’ve found this brief article helpful. Future posts will be dedicated to decking trends, materials and various how-to videos. If this article has piqued your interest and you have further questions, please reach out to us on our contact form or leave a message in the comments below. We’ll strive to respond promptly.

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